Acing That 100% Financing Application

100% financing mortgage loans allow you to cash out your home equity. Home equity is the value of your home less the debts associated with it. And since, in essence, that is your OWN money, then getting a 100% financing mortgage requires no down payment. Otherwise, it would seem to be a ridiculous set-up.

Funds gathered through a 100% financing mortgage can be used to pay off a debt, to purchase another property or even to remodel your house. Basically, by en-cashing the value of your home, you are helping yourself in addressing your more pressing financial responsibilities.

The Beauty of 100% financing

Although you are still required to pay application fees and points in a 100% financing mortgage, this type of loan has its own share of advantages. First, the fees (for instance application and closing fees) incurred can be deducted from your principal. Once again, it is essentially your own money that you are borrowing. Second, some costs associated with 100% financing are tax deductible in certain cases.

Thirdly, resorting to 100% financing allows you to enjoy a lower mortgage rate – Toronto or elsewhere – as compared to getting a second mortgage.

Qualifying for 100% financing

First, you need to have a good credit standing to qualify for 100% financing. Lenders should, first and foremost, be assured that you have the capacity to repay such a loan. Needless to say, to qualify for 100% financing, set your credit record straight.

Lenders will look at your debts: credit cards, student loans, among others. So if you want to increase your borrowing power, eliminate your debt. Show to your lender that you are capable of carefully managing your financing. Show them that you can prioritize paying off your debts. Clean up your record, so to speak.

Second, establish your capacity to pay. As with any form or credit, you need to show that you can pay your loan on a regular basis. Therefore, the need to get the best mortgage rate – Woodbridge or in any other part of Canada – is very important. This assures you of lesser amortizations.

Even in case of losing your job, you need to reassure your lenders that you can still pay the needed amortizations. Therefore, you need to have cash assets as well. You need to have savings and money market accounts. If you have these, then you will be more likely to get approved for a 100% financing mortgage.

With the many advantages of 100% financing, getting one is not always the best solution for you – given your unique circumstances. Therefore, before you make any final decision, check out your other financial options first. Shop for other mortgage products. Check out the internet for a wider choice of lenders. Should you need help, you can ask the experts in the field. They will be more than willing to help you out with this dilemma.

Once again, the primary goal of financing is to give you better terms and a friendlier interest rate. When a 100% financing mortgage cannot offer this, then maybe it is time for you to bring your business elsewhere.

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